Affiliate Program

Affiliate Marketing or Affiliate Program is a business innovation that offers commission to people for helping in the promotion, marketing or selling other people's or company’s products and services. It has recently become the best business marketing channel for many business entities.

When you sign up for any company’s Affiliate Program, you will receive commission whenever you make sales. You also earn commission when those who join the company through you make sales. Infact, Affiliate Marketing has become the most lucrative method of earning income these days without sweating out water or blood. You don’t have to stock products or rent office or shop.

Building your own TEAM of Affiliates is the most important and powerful key to creating a lifetime income stream for your self and your future generations. Take note, the success of most businesses in the world today is anchored on the number of customers or members in their list. The same with SFI Business. Our success today is attributed to the number of active Affiliates in our database. You can decide your success today by building your own network of active Affiliates who will be working with you and under you. Do you know what that means? Money. If you want to see cash rolling into your bank account daily, weekly, monthly and all year round, then you must join an affiliate program.

We have made Affiliate Marketing Program very easy and simple to participate in. You don’t need to be distracted from your current business or career. It can be done anywhere at any time just with your phone connected or not connected to the internet.

The good news is that we take control of managing your downlines on your behalf. All you need to do is to gather phone numbers and send them to us.
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You can send your Affiliate's link to your email list. We send messages to the submitted contacts and follow up with them and get them registered under you, once any of them is registered, you will be paid bonus relative to your status. Not only that, you also get paid on your second to seven generations under you. See Our Benefits Plan.

We advice that you have a special note book to record the names and Phone Numbers of your old and new contacts. Carefully and correctly type them into your message box, separating them with coma(,) sign and send them to us with your name or registered Id. Secondly, we can send you our campaign message to forward to your contacts via text message or via WhatsApp or Facebook. (Ensure you add your Id. no into the space provided for it before sending to your prospects). You can use any or all of the above options to grow your downlines. If you apply all the strategies, surely your success will be unimaginable. Welcome on BOARD.


What is SFI “X-Power”?
X-Power is one of our empowerment and success strategies that we use in appreciating our new Affiliates and to ensure they succeed. This is our own way of encouraging every new member and to proof to them that we care, and that we are actually here to help them succeed.

The moment one registered and upgrades, he will be positioned under the one who registered before him as long as that person registered through the company's recruitment agents or public media adverts. The next person who registered after him/her will be placed behind and under him/her. This system allows everyone to get a share of free bees and have the opportunity to start earning income within few minutes or hours of registration even though he or she has not introduced anyone yet. This is why we usually say that seeing is believing. Our X-Power therefore offers you the opportunity to start earning before you start building your own downline. This also put in you the confident and the excitement to go on to promote SFI to others. This is what makes SFI different from other businesses or companies like SFI.

Referral Bonus

Depending on the package you choose. Let say you choose Blue, you pay N1000 to activate your membership. Immediately, you will join to receive shares from the new members joining directly from the company’s adverts.

Each time a new member is assigned to you, say (Tom) you will receive N300. (i.e. 30% of N1,000) When a new member is assigned to Tom, say (Ebere) Tom will receive N300 and you will receive N200 (ie 20% of N1,000) Again when a new member is assigned to Ebere named Okon, Ebere will receive N300, Tom will receive N200 and you will receive N100. Your earnings continues like that each time a new member joins under you, through the company or through those in your team. This is just a scratch, you should know that our main business is promoting, advertising and marketing of products and services. As you join and continue to refer others to join us, you and them will be discovering great products and services we offer, and they will be glad to buy from us. You will realize that when those customers and members joining SFI through you and under you, buy any product from our store, you will receive sales commissions, this is another lucrative channel of making money in SFI.

Membership Activation

To position your self to start receiving shares and qualify for bonuses accruable to you as SFI Affiliates, you must become an active member. This means you have to activate your membership or upgrade your position by choosing your preferred income package as shown in our SMART START. Once you have chosen and activate your income plan, you will have your personal Purse installed in our Portal. Again you will added to our X-POWER The Purse is like your online wallet. All your commissions and bonuses are first paid to your Purse and then transferred to your Bank Account once you have accommodated a minimum of N1000.

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