Smart Start

Smart Start Plan is Designed To Help Everyone Create A Life Time Income. Our Smart Start offers you the opportunity to kick start your Business even if you're novice to internet or online marketing. The Smart Start has 6 lucrative incentive income plans as shown in the table below. Anyone can choose the plan that meets his/her budget and start earning income immediately.

Smart Start Income Packages

Blue Pack

Price: N500
Profit Receivable: N150,000

Green Pack

Price: N1,000
Profit Receivable: N300,000

Bronze Pack

Price: N2,000
Profit Receivable: N600,000

Silver Pack

Price: N5,000
Profit Receivable: N1,500,000

Gold Pack

Price: N10,000
Profit Receivable: N3,000,000

Diamond Pack

Price: N20,000
Profit Receivable: N6,000,000

General Explanation

New Affiliate Reward

When an affiliate purchase any of our Smart Start Business Building Package as shown above, the Affiliate will be rewarded with 14 Tokens to sell to new members.

First Generation Income

Each time he/she sells a Token to a new Affiliate, he/she will receive a first Generation income relative to his/her ordered package.

Second Generation Income

When an Affiliate under him/her sells a Token, the upline will receive a second generation commission relative to his/her business package.

Third Generation Income

When one’s second generation Affiliate sells a Token to a new member, the upline will receive a third generation commission.

Multiple Income Packages

An Affiliate can purchase different Smart Start Business Packages of his/her choice but can not subscribe for the same package more than once. However he or she can renew his/her membership fee monthly or yearly to recycle his/her earnings for any package ordered.

An Affiliate will receive a commission whenever he/she sells a Token to a new Affiliate and also when and Affiliate under him/her renews their subscription. An upline Affiliate must renew his/her subscription to qualify to earn commissions when his downlines renew their packages.

You only receive a maximum of 14 Tokens ones for life, for each Smart Start Package ordered. The Affiliate Generator offers a life-time recycling income. It is currently the best residual and leverage income plan ever experienced and ever existed.

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