Phone Marketing

Our Innovation In Marketing And Advertising Industry

The Phone Marketing Program is our latest innovation in our business. Phone Marketing like e-mail marketing is currently growing very fast and will soon become the cheapest marketing channels in the social and digital marketing world.

SFI Nigeria has positioned its self ahead of others and our members will be the first to know and launch into it.

Considering the hard times facing many businesses, many organizations are doing everything possible to cut down overhead costs, including media advertising. So what is the best alternative, Phone Marketing definitely.

Why Phone Marketing

  1. Phone Marketing is very cheap and gets in most cases directly to the right target.
  2. Has limited barriers. Because of high cost of data and data structures in Nigeria, many Nigerians constantly run out of data many days thereby losing connections to current business news. With just a text message, one is always on the go.
  3. It affords and offers income opportunities. Like in Affiliate Program, phone marketing allows individual participants to make money with their contacts.
  4. It is stress free and risk free. Unlike the Affiliate Program or network marketing where you need a website to advertise your link or exhaust all your energy talking and trying to convince one person for a whole year, the phone marketing requires none of these.
  5. Again, apart from the initial agent fee, one does'nt spend any money running the business.
  6. The major advantage of Phone Marketing over others is that it can be done without internet or data. The adverts gets to the targets as long as the phones are on.

How It Works

As earlier said, sooner or later, many organizations will not be able to retain many of their marketing staff. They will prefer to do business directly with customers in order to reduce cost on salary. Many companies are already using affiliate program as their marketing strategies. Considering the kind of environment we are in Nigeria and the circumstances we find ourselves in, it is sometimes very difficult for Affiliate Program to work successfully due to the high cost of data Subscription. Many Nigerians do not understand what Affiliate Program or digital marketing is.

Many just have big phones just to show off, listen to music, watch videos, make and receive calls. These groups of Nigerians can now be educated on how to make money with the contacts in their phones.

When one joins our phone marketing Program, we will add his or her contacts to our contact data base, and will continue to advertise our products and services to all the numbers in our database. Everyone will have all his/her contacts link to his/her Account. When ever any of those contacts generates sales, the Affiliate will receive a sales profit accruable to the sale (Between 5-15% of the cost). The Affiliate continues to receive sales profit from all the contacts that buys any product at anytime from the company. The company takes all the stress of advertising, sales, product delivery and management of the business on behalf of the Affiliate.

Want To Grow Richer?

It is known that the money is in the number. What does this mean? Every successful business man or woman knows that the success of every buying and selling business depends on the number of customers in your list. So if you want to grow financially bigger, then you should be ready to go for more contacts and keep adding to your list every day.

Another channel of income, remember, is that you will also earn from the activities of your downline Affiliates.

The advantages are many. One good thing is that your earnings are un-predictable and unlimited.

If you have decided to upgrade your self to a higher and bigger income class, we recommend you join the SFI Nigeria Affiliate and Phone Marketing Program now. The positions are feeling fast, grab yours now when the chances remain. Become an Agent.

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